Why a “Save the Day” blog?

Let me tell you short story.

Once upon a time I was a 20 year old pharmacy student who ran out of money. Since I was in pharmacy school I thought it would be a great idea to look for a job at a local pharmacy. I walked into the nearest local pharmacy (Mallatt’s Pharmacy). Seeing that the owner was extremely busy and short staffed, I took it upon myself to jump behind the counter and began ringing people up at the check out. For a complete history of what was to transpire over the next 40 years please check out this link,

Back to the “Save the Day” story. Mallatt’s Pharmacy sold theatrical makeup and costumes as part of our retail offering. I am not actually sure how they started this but I am told they were selling it way back in the 1960’s. Customers for these products were mostly people who performed in theaters and school plays….until Halloween came around. Halloween is a major holiday now but back in the 1980s, Madison (in particular downtown on State Street), celebrated Halloween like no other. Madison was way ahead of the curve on this. These customers flocked to Mallatt’s Pharmacy to get their make-up, costumes, and accessories to look their best or worst!

In our heyday, our customers included ESPN, Saturday Night Live, Elizabeth Arden, and Hollywood (Grey’s Anatomy) to name a few. One day I even received a call from a radio station in Australia to ask about our costume department. We became an international success.

During these 30-40 years of costuming, the Superhero themes became stronger and stronger. Marvel Comics made movie after movie. It seemed like a new Superman or Batman movie came out every year. Superhero costumes became extremely popular for kids and adults.

I would dress up as Superman or Batman for promotional events, television interviews and of course, my kids.

There was a special feeling when I put the costume on. Not necessarily a feeling of superpowers, but a feeling of my ability to be something greater than what I am. A feeling of greater responsibility to protect people. A feeling of living up to the expectations we have of a superhero….that is…to “Save the Day”.

As I thought about it, it became clear to me that we have a superhero in all of us. An inner desire to help those that cannot help themselves. A feeling to “Save the Day”. And that’s what we do at our three long term care pharmacies in Madison, Milwaukee, and Menomonee Falls.

Think about what you do at work or at home to “Save the Day”. You are a Superhero to someone. Its an awesome responsibility, but a fulfilling one. It is also an endless responsibility. Superheroes don’t get tired. How many times have you seen a Superhero get up from underneath tons of debris to carry on the fight. That’s what we do. We keep getting up…no matter what.

That’s the story of how my “Save the Day” blog began. I have added a wrinkle. My website is The “I” is important. It means that “I” will take personal responsibility to “Save the Day”. We need to own this responsibility and not wait for others to step up.

I hope you enjoyed the story. I hope you visit my blog regularly. I hope to inspire you and motivate you to do your very best everyday so you can “Save the Day”

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